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posted Sep 09, 2010 13:54:52 by andruzh
Hi guys

Hugs from Ukraine! I am so excited to read about your experiments! Is it time to make the first steps?

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kellyhong2205 said Sep 10, 2010 15:37:37
Hello. I miss you, guys.
As soon as the 2nd semester started, I got to take charge of a new important job in my school, so I has been busy a little bit.
So I couldn`t take care of my classes so much.
Only one thing I`m trying was about teacher talk.
I try to use pauses, emphasizing with voice tone, and gestures sometimes, instead of keeping on talking.
Ss seemed to be more able to concentrate on points about which I wanted to teach when I tried those.
When I used papers or pens as a realia for explaining some expressions like "some... others..." or "out of~", Ss seemed to try to find the meanings of them for themselves.
I sometimes just tapped the blackboard with chalk, not saying too much, in order to get Ss` attentions. And then I just wrote key expressions on the blackboard without saying.
It also worked. Ss were trying to follow what I wanted to say , more than I had explained orally.
Even though I couldn`t try new teaching methods, I want to keep going in any parts.
And I also want to hear from you, guys!
melaniecho said Sep 27, 2010 13:32:38
I think of your cute face when I read your writing.
You are using the skills we learned last summer.
I tried using the Bingo game in my class after I finished one lesson.
The students's reaction?
Fantastic! It was their reply. I was so happy with that!
After that I realized I have to change my teaching skills.
rosetti87 said Sep 29, 2010 14:13:25
Hi, everyone? This is junekim. I had hard time to sign in. Something has changed I think. So It was difficult to find the place to write.
How was it everything? Maybe so busy? Me,too.
I tried to use englih in my class as much as possible right after summer vacation. But...
As time goes by, my plan didn't work well. I used Korean to explain something more and more....
But I set up my mind once again to use English much. Tomorrow I'll use a lot of English in my class.
Wish me luck!
jessica(JeongJa) said Oct 01, 2010 05:09:19
I've tried the skills Helen used when she teaches us pronunciation drills moving her fingers to make a half circle when indicating stress of each word. The students liked that little motion. I've also tried Brain Gym before class as I took advantage of in the summer class. The students loved it much more than those in Junior hight school. I am experimenting one by one I learned through the course. And most of all, I think CCQs are most marvelous idea of all. Students came to concentrate on my class more than ever.
rosetti87 said Oct 31, 2010 13:57:03
Hi Jessica, it's june. You said CCQ was good idea. I think so ,too. I also used CCQ, It also worked.
Students did understand what I said. Whenever I write this , I remind what I have learned. And I come to rethink my teahing style. See you next time everyone.
kellyhong2205 said Dec 03, 2010 22:58:36
Hi, everyone.
It`s already time to start our class again. I hope to learn and try many things again.
Anyway, I tried eye-contact with the students sometimes. I want to do experoment about effect of eye contect. When I tried eyecontact with a student, he (or she) seemed to get nervous a little bit but to get focused on what I was saying. So my conclusion is that giving eyecontact has a power to gather attention. I want to do experiment on this more. See you soon.
-from Kelly-
Rachel said Dec 23, 2010 03:28:32
Hello ^^;; This is Rachel. How have you been? So some of you logged on this website and shared experiences in class.
I was reminded of the assignments and of this website once in a while, but I couldn't dare start anything. Everything has changed since I got married. And everything in my school and class schedule in this semester has changed; the students I've been teaching got busy applying for the universities from the very beginning of the semester and wouldn't study English. Now many of them were admitted to the universities and those who didn't pay attention to the class keep asking me to recommend a good English workbook and study skills. I told them "There is no royal road to learning. It is the steadiness that matters rather than what book you choose to start with." It could be wrong but it could be right. ^^;;
By the way, I'm so sad that the class starts on Saturday, not on Monday; one of my best friends is getting married on the 15th, Jan. in Seoul and it's on 12:00. I don't know what to do ㅠ.ㅠ
melaniecho said Jan 12, 2011 02:53:22
Now, we are going to meet again soon.
I regret I didn't contact you very often.
It is not good to have a break between two sessions.
It was so hard for me to involve in extra things except for school.
Excuse. I am being ready to meet you again mentally.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
rosetti87 said Jan 14, 2011 05:18:17
Hi, It's June
Now I almost finished my homework. I was so tired. I realized once again that we have to do our assignment in advance.
Tomorrow we'll see. It means our winter vacation is over.
I'm a little bit nervous.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone.
See you
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