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posted Aug 13, 2010 06:27:06 by ironyang
My biggest ah-ha this week was....
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tomlee12 said Aug 13, 2010 15:35:16
Though it is difficult to think about it because many things passed too fast, the fact surprises me that I am willing to stay up late night ( rather early morning) to prepare for lesson.
sandychoi said Aug 14, 2010 05:15:19
^^ The biggest learing in this week is from Grammar lesson. The way of starting off from exmples and going onto finding rules can be much more effective to acquire new structures.
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Gracekim96 said Aug 14, 2010 07:01:33
The biggest ah-ha this week was absolutely one of Andy's feedbacks. He said when we give instructions to students we have to think about two things - how to say and what to say. When I heard that from Andy, I said "ah-ha" actually. That was exactly what I missed in my second PT.
minapark said Aug 16, 2010 13:12:32
The biggest ah-ha this week was to understand the basic rule that the teaher should give the instruction before the paper for the activity. In my lesson, Ss couldn't get what they needed to do even though I explained the activity a lot. But now! I know the reason and what I should do about it!
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allykang said Aug 16, 2010 13:58:03
I have been impressed with this course. The most 'significant' learning through this course is that I should consider the 4 modalities because students have different learning styles. I didin't realize this until this course started. I used to prefer to more controlled and concentrated lesson which is led by myself. From now on, I'll try to take them into my account while planning lessons.
rosekim8766 said Aug 16, 2010 16:29:02
The biggest ah-ha this week was Helen's feedback about my PT2. She emphasized that T talks only for giving instruction, changing atmosphere, and sometimes for chatting in class. "Just try to elicit the meaning of TL from Ss, DO NOT EXPLAIN. Lessen T's talking, but let Ss speak more!" Her voice is ringing my brain....."Thank you, Helen~^^"
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